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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  March 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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this is 9news. >> thank you for joining us here on 9news at noon. today we are learning the zika virus has shown up here in colorado. >> we just learned that the colorado department of public health confirmed two cases of zika, both individuals had traveled to a zika affected country and both have now recovered. the cases were reported last week. health officials say it's likely that colorado will have more cases of zika in the coming year. the department of public health won't confirm information on the individual cases. the most common way people get it is from mosquitoes. it becomes particularly dangerous when it shows up in a pregnant woman. zika virus can cause severe brain damage to unborn babies. 9 wants to know has learned a detective with the denver police department have been disciplined by the chief of police. he was disciplined for pulling over a feuding neighbor and issuing an illegitimate ticket out of his jurisdiction.
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by 9 wants to know shows detective ryan kobernick will be fined five days' pay for making a traffic stop in jefferson county while he was headed home from work. according to the discipline letter, detective kobernick claims he stopped the car because his neighbor's teenaged son, who was driving the vehicle, was yelling something at him and he thought the teen was trying to get his attention. 9 wants to know has learned kobernick has filed an appeal over the discipline. switching gears and talking about your weather, we have there. >> it's nice, isn't it? belen is joining us once again from the back yard and i guess you could say it's a good day to get out and caucus, right, super tuesday? >> i think so. pretty super. we've got sunny skies out here in the back yard. i call it sweater weather because it is cooler than where pleasant. take another live look because we can't get enough of these wonderful cameras. boulder right now, the flatirons is looking gorgeous.
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see that mix of clouds and sun and then closer to this afternoon an increase in clouds but still going to be a dry one here on the front range. the temperatures right now are in the 40s across the metro area, we might have got 50s in northern colorado and 30s and 40s in the foothills. your afternoon highs still above the normal high. we should be around 50 degrees take it. looks pretty nice on this first day of march. now, the wind gusts right now are pretty calm here around the front range. we have some stronger winds in the foothills and in the mountains and then by tomorrow, folks, we are going to see much stronger winds kick in, so much so that a fire weather watch in effect for wednesday for the eastern half of colorado. today a bit cooler, breezy. tomorrow, warmer and windy. that's why that fire danger is going to increase. but a shift in the weather pattern next week could bring cooler and wetter weather back to colorado. i'll walk you through the forecast coming up. >> very good. thank you so much. before it gets too windy, great time to get outside and
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that new bike way along us-36 after four years of work, the last section of the 18-mile bikeway from westminster to table mesa drive is back open. the first section of this opened back in june. this also connects to exiting paths which head through denver. of course the hope is that it will allow more people to bike into work while this path is now open today, there may still be minor construction in some places in the weeks ahead. >> it will be a nice ride on a day like today. >> yeah. seven candidates, 12 states, hundreds of delegates up for grabs on this super tuesday. it is the biggest decision day of the presidential campaign so far. >> sure is. and tracie potts reports from washington on what we can expect. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders voting back home in vermont this morning, the one state he's almost sure to win today. >> i am confident that if there is a large voter turnout today
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going to do well and if there's be struggling. >> reporter: hillary clinton is 10 points ahead in our new nbc survey monkey national poll. she is headed to florida to watch results there tonight. 12 states choose candidates today, 10 where both parties compete plus the democrats in alaska. texas, the largest, a must win for ted cruz. he and marco rubio are fighting to finish strong today, then take on donald trump in winner month. in washington this morning, a strong rebuke from the house speaker on trump failing to denounce the kkk. >> if a person wants to be the nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games. they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. >> reporter: but trump is still gaining support now at 40%, a
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tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> so colorado is one of the 12 states holding democratic caucuses or primaries today. other notable ones include texas, minnesota and virginia. >> now the republican map is similar with a couple of exceptions, namely the fact that colorado will not declare a statewide winner in tonight's caucus. state party officials don't want colorado's delegates to be bound to one particular candidate just yet. knowing that colorado won't select the winner tonight, republican candidates have not really spent much time or money visiting or advertising in our state. c.u. boulder students in one class don't have to decide between caucusing and taking their midterms. that's because their chemistry professor is letting them skip the test if they can prove they were at a local caucus. that professor says they can prove it by taking a study of the caucus. >> that's the easy way. okay. according to the daily camera around 1200 students are scheduled to take an examine at the same time as colorado caucuses tonight beginning at 7:00. >> they can still participate.
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to tweet about it afterward? if so, you will love what twitter created for you today. when people tweet using the upertuesday look what pops up, a little uncle sam tag goes in your tweet. an emoji with a check box. was legit. saw it on my twitter account >> yes. today a man is hospitalized. he was hit by a car late last night and then ft. collins police say they found 53-year-old george taylor lying in the southbound lanes of college avenue near spring park drive. police found his backpack and bike just off the road. at this time there's no description of the car that hit him. a c.u. boulder instructor is charged with sexually assaulting one of his former students. he is scheduled for a preliminary hearing this week. police have charged jacob vader puleir with several crimes including sexual assault on a helpless victim. he is a drum instructor with
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according to our partners, the 21-year-old victim saw her former instructor out at a bar in january. she told police she was, quote, very drunk and her former teacher offered to let her sleep at his home. the woman says when she woke up, she was being assaulted. he was free on a $25,000 bond. he is on paid administrative leave at c.u. pending an investigation. well, our super bowl mvp is staying at least for one more year. we hope for more. the broncos have placed an exclusive franchise tab on linebacker von miller. >> an exclusive franchise tag means he cannot get competing offers from other teams. miller really wanted a multiyear contract with the broncos but right now the organization said they couldn't come to an agreement. there's still time, though. the broncos have until july 15th to figure out a long-term deal for our mvp so fingers crossed. >> wonder how much of that will have to do with what peyton manning decides to do. that will free up a lot of millions.
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>> and von miller says he wants to stay. >> good. we want him. >> absolutely. check this out, a kindergarten class in firestone testing out a new method, once -- one that we use here during our meetings at 9news. >> coming up fire officials are also saying today it was lucky that the mobile home in aurora, the fire there didn't get worse and spread. we will tell you more about that. and more mild weather ahead. belen de leon is in with your
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happy tuesday, everyone. what a beautiful day really.
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goes and the temperatures, really nice. it's a little breezy but hold on because tomorrow it's going to get even windier. here's what's happening across the country with your weather pattern. currently we have this upper level ridge that is building into the western half of the united states and that storm track still well above colorado and digging into parts of the south and that's the reason why that stormy weather right now is over parts of the great lakes and midwest. and colorado, it's much drier, we will have a small chance for light snow showers in your extended forecast and mainly for the high country but here on the front range it's remaining dry and it is the start of march. it's usually the snowiest month on average when on average we could see a little more than 11 inches of snowfall and our temperatures start to trend upwards for a normal high and spring starts officially on march 20th and we certainly need the snowfall to start kicking back into our forecast because our snowwide -- statewide snowpack numbers are
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of course we are crossing our fingers for those snowier months with our march and april. 46 degrees right now at dia. our temperatures here in the back yard 46 degrees. the temperatures right now 40s and 50s across lower elevations, 30s and 40s in the high country. this afternoon really nice, feels like spring out there and in the high country 40s and 30s in the forecast. beautiful view over the front range mountains. those clouds increasing as we approach the afternoon but it's still going to stay dry here on the front range. notice very light snow showers in our northern mountains through 6:00 this afternoon, partly cloudy overnight and through tomorrow morning and then tomorrow another chance for some light snow in our northern mountains and then we start to see those stronger winds kick in across colorado with the arrival of that jet stream right over the state. 33 will be the overnight low tonight and here's what i want to show you, that jet stream kind of pushing over colorado so what that is going to give us is access to the stronger
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the atmosphere so once those mix in, 24 hours from now, we could see gusts here on the front range, upwards of 30 and 40 miles per hour. that means that we will start to see that fire danger increase for the eastern half of the state. now, that planning forecast shows the temperatures will continue to be very dry and very warm so we have to be very careful with any kind of fire danger out there. the weekend as of now looking really nice. at the end of the newscast we will talk about our chance for
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we have heard the stories of core blood and storing it when babies are born. but what if you could save your kid's life from saving a baby tooth, if the tooth fairy lets you keep it. >> a reporter tells us about a potentially life saving program called store a tooth. >> good job. >> reporter: the first time he lost a tooth, you may have wiggled it and wiggled it. >> two, three. >> reporter: and maybe even went to extremes. because after the pain came a prize from the tooth fairy. but that prize may hold more value than you think. >> it could save not just necessarily your child's life but could save your life. >> reporter: this dentist is talking about the store a tooth kit. >> it comes from the new technology of genetics where
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information from the cell of the tooth and create stem cells so that if down the road, if you or your child has an issue transplants, that they can then use those cells for it. >> reporter: researchers have known for decades that the soft tooth pulp in the center of teeth contains nerve stem cells but in 2014 they discovered by stimulating them they can revert back to basic stem cells that can be used for many different diseases. >> they seem to be younger, they have characteristics that seem to give them more potential than other adult stem cells. >> reporter: this doctor who developed store a tooth says storing tooth stem cells could help shape the future of medicine. >> just like antibiotics revolutionized medicine, i think we are coming to the point where regenerative technologies will also revolutionize medicine and change our lives. >> giving parents like stacy holt an opportunity to possibly save their child's life. >> offers a lot of peace of mind. >> reporter: here's how store a tooth works.
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you place it in this jar, package it up and then send it off to a store atooth facility. at the facility they remove your tooth from the kit exam then extract the stem cells from a soft tissue and store it for you until it's needed. but the process isn't cheap. the initial cost is $1749 and it will cost you $120 a year to store your tooth, but stacy says that's a small price to pay. >> to know that that's out there and be able to keep a tooth just in case something happens down the road, absolutely. >> reporter: and while 7-year- old peyton may have already cashed in on her two front teeth, her mom may be the one to invest in a little peace of mind the next time peyton loses a tooth. >> she has got more to lose. >> she is supercute. teeth. they can use them with wisdom teeth or any healthy adult teeth people use. they wonder what will this be
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they can treat it for parkinson's disease, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and many other things, just like core blood. >> maybe for kids with type i diabetes -- >> it could mean something but it is expensive. >> so expensive. >> so you have to think, can i swing that, can i do that $1700 plus $127 a year. >> for how long. >> in perpetuity, forever. so what could go wrong with a self-driving car? wrong? >> google has had a pretty good track record until now.
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google says its new car just recently caused its first crash. luckily nobody was hurt. sorry. nobody was hurt. apparently -- oh, we have the story instead. all right. this happened earlier this morning in aurora, there was a mobile home that caught fire around 6:00 this morning.
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quickly and it didn't spread to any other homes but there was no one home at the time. investigators kind of at a loss to figure out exactly how this started in the first place. >> usually because the trailers are close together, the roads are narrow, the hydrants are far apart and presents a lot of challenges for the firefighters. >> again, no one was home at the time. the occupant was not there. before heading back to earth today, nasa astronauts scott -- astronaut scott kelly tweeted spectacular photos of his last space sunrise. look at that. kelly set to arrive in houston late tonight after spending 340 days on the international space station. and he had been tweeting just amazing pictures the entire time he's been up there. so why not end with the most spectacular sunrise. >> that's for sure. now we got to get to the google car. sorry about that earlier. it's logged 1 million miles of autonomous driving and now a
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driving car's record. google says while the vehicle is technically at fault it was driving at low speed. listen to this. one of google's self-driving lexus suvs was suddenly forced to switch lanes in california to avoid some sandbags on the road. the car was trying to merge in front of a bus to avoid those sandbags. again, it was a lexus suv, not that little car. it kind of sideswiped that bus but it was only going 2 miles an hour. >> that's really slow. >> so google is like, yeah, it was going to happen. >> people have been waiting. so they are saying, see, i told you, i told you. that's what we think, right? >> right. a kindergarten class in firestone, smart kids, they are testing out a new classroom format. >> my kids would love this. >> yeah. >> they are standing up for class. the teacher, miss baker at imagine charter school said she is already seeing an improvement in learning. she says not only does standing up help the kids learn but they actually seem to like it. they get those bodies up and moving. the school is now trying to
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standing desks through a "go fund me" account. ryan haarer tried his hand at it. he visited the class and he'll have more on the program tonight on 9news at 5:00. >> he said he had a good time with the kids. >> yeah, i like it. >> it is a good idea. >> my kids didn't have to sit down the whole time in class. they could fidget around a little bit. >> a lot of kids need to move around. >> makes it easier for teachers too because they have got a hard job. >> yeah, they do. some shelter dogs really got their dream job for just a day and it was for a good cause. we will take you to brazil and show you how they interact with
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shelter dogs in brazil had a special job, something that any dog would be envious. it's part of a campaign to encourage animal adoptions and the dogs are pretty good at retrieving the ball but didn't want to let them go. >> they strutted too as they walked off the court.
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several days will be nice again outside with your dog and maybe have them run around. it will be on the dry and windy side so the fire danger expected to increase. weekend as of now looking nice, highs in the 60s, it's next monday and tuesday when they see that chance for any kind of moisture here on the front range, small chances for snow in the high country today and also tomorrow. >> thank you, belen. >> sure thing. and thanks for watching. >> bye.
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new video chris rock and his girlfriend moments after he skewered hollywood. kate on her reunion with leo. gaga and taylor and the stars partying inside "vanity fair." >> it's the oscars. on extra. >> right now. chris rock, rips into hollywood. >> you damn right hollywood's racist. >> taking a jab at jada taking on the white elephant in the room. >> i'm a danish girl. >> we got the celebrity score cord on rock today. >> we regret not going to the oscars? >> leo's long awaited oscar victory.


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